How to Choose the Right Wedding Entertainment


When it comes to your wedding day, the entertainment you choose can be the crucial decision to the lasting impression you leave on your guests and yourself as the happy couple.

The band and the DJ will fill the air with music creating an atmosphere of at first romantic sophistication and by the end fun-filled party time to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

This guide will assist you in the options you should consider which will ensure it’s covered and you can focus on more important matters such as the dress!

First of all you need a DJ. You should check they can play all the types of music you’d like to hear and they have their own lights etc. You can also ask for someone with a bit of personality to get the party started.

Live Bands are a great touch for wedding entertainment. There are professional bands available that can provide you with a list of songs so you can make your own choice of songs and make an evening everyone will remember. These can cost around £750 up to £1500 per band, if you’re budget isn’t up to that there are plenty of highly entertaining solo acts and duos which usually sing live with backing tracks and a guitar.

So you have a wedding band and a DJ to take you through to the early morning but have you considered other entertainment such as a close up musician performing tricks as your guests enjoy drinks or at the dining tables during the meal or caricaturists to draw pictures of your guests as souvenirs of the day.

Remember you can ask your live entertainment to play at your wedding breakfast also, perhaps as a guitar or piano instrumental.

When it comes to arranging the wedding entertainment the most important thing is to book quality acts. There are entertainment agencies that specialise in taking care of it all for you. You can usually submit a short enquiry form and you will receive some personalised packages for you to choose from. It is worthwhile to consider an agency as they are professionals and you will be sure that you are in safe hands.


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